Holding a prop

Hello again,
I have a scene where a guy is holding a mug with two hand, releases the mug with one hand the other one puts it down and later he picks it up again and throws the mug away.
How would you tacke it with ragdoll?

Right now i have it following one of the hand controls in the blocking with the normal maya parent constrain mess blending it off and on.
Should i remove all that?

Is the best way to simulate the interaction with friction so he actually holds the mug or should i use some sort of raggdoll constrain?


Heya, on the road and am making my keyboard but in short I would try and animate and simulate it “vanilla” for starters, and use tricks like constraints where necessary.

If you can get away with just fiction, that should undoubtedly make for the most realistic and natural result!

Got it!
But ill remove the animation on the mug and just make the mug into a ragdoll marker and work from there?
If friction doesn’t work should i just use a Weld constraint or is Pin better?
Sorry im just trying to gather as much information as possible for tonight when i will try it out :slight_smile:
So if you can think of anything that would be useful for thos kind of situations would be appreciated :smiley:

If you aren’t able to physically grab it and rely on friction (which to be fair is probably a lot to ask of the solver), then the new Attach Constraint is your best bet. It’s like Weld, but can be both soft and animated.

  1. Place the hand where you want it to be relative the mug
  2. Attach Constrain

It’ll try and keep the mug there, with a visual cue parented to the hand that you can move around (and animate!) for where the mug should be. It can make sense to animate this constraint such that it slightly intersects the hand; to create some pressure between them and a get a firm grip.

Cool, is that constraint in the trial version? I cant remember seeing it.

Fresh out of the oven.

Cool! Thanks

Attach constraints :slight_smile: , you could attach the mud to both hands and animate the strength of the constraints on and off for what hand is holding or no hand holding .

I will try the attach constraint tonight, thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a relevant example that will get a breakdown/tutorial soonish.

Notice the attach constraint, parented to the hand joint.