• Surprise… Its a Gunmdam. Okay just setup the basic rig. Now moving onto the ragdoll setup.

  • Starting to setup the ragdoll. Just the body at the moment. I’ll get to the wings later.

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Ooo, a full-on tutorial. :slight_smile: I like it a lot! Nice work on getting those meshes working with the joints; did the model come like that or did you find yourself combining meshes?

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Yeah I did alot of combining. Pretty much everything was a seperate piece.

Okay added the wings. Things looking nice and wobbly. Seperate parts eem to be interacting okay : )


Oh hey, that worked nicely. :slight_smile:

I somewhat suspect those wings are supposed to be made of a lighter material than the rest of the body. It might be worth playing with Density = Custom, and giving it a Density less than 1 (the default). Perhaps 0.1. Such that they look to be made of a more porous/hollow material. Like bird wings. It would make them able to move quicker and not pull on the body so much.

I’ll give it a try !

  • Yes that helped… Its a bit less frantic around the upper body now.
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One could say you winged it… very cool man!

GO GUNDAM !!! Okay needs a bit of work : )

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oh Lols… : )

This is nice and promising! Keep going!
Looking forward to see what you get done with it !
nice job !

Okay… Baked to the rig and cleaned up : )


Well done !!!

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Neat! Blue against blue though, missing out on some of that nice silhouette.

I feel like im at work…


this gives me such insight with such brevity. THANK YOU. downloading software immediately