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i have a question about personal license, is there any chance that record simulation limits would be extended? And there is no possibilities to record 100 frames at a time, and then render next 100 frames? Ragdoll usually make a lot of frames, 100 it’s just i don’t know… For example in cascadeur 300frames export and 120 bones (btw bones limit at 80-120bones it a good idea too) it’s a limits for free version (with full commercial usage). But i still was buy PRO version because of support and 50% price cut =D, therefore last question: is there any plans to do sales? E.g Christmas sale. Delete first topic because thought it’s too hard or anopropriate.

Thanks for reposting, it’s a tad early still, but here’s the current landscape for pricing.

  1. No, the Ragdoll Personal licence will continue to be limited to 100 frames.
    • This version is intended for learning about the tool and playing around with it at home - like an infinite trial version - and there’s so, so much that can be done within 4 seconds of animation. In fact, I’d argue the the vast majority of animated shots in any movie falls below that 4 second mark, so if anything 100 frames is too much! :sweat_smile:
  2. Yes, there will be a cheaper version
    • During (or after) SIGGRAPH, we’ll be experimenting with a version called Ragdoll Freelancer; it’ll be priced at £200 and applicable to individuals for commercial work. The goal is getting Ragdoll into the hands of artists who either can’t get their studio to purchase it for them, or who wants to bring it with them to work at various studios. The unknown is whether it’s possible to keep studios from taking advantage of the opportunity. If yes, then success. If no, then at least we tried.

I use the word “experiment” because it will be a limited-edition. With a limited amount of licences sold for a limited period of time. Expect this to happen within the next 1-3 weeks, there will be a an announcement made on LinkedIn and under #news so stay tuned! :partying_face:


sound really interesting! Marcus one more question, if i relocate to other country there is no problem with my IP? I currently in Ru region but prepare go back to Ukraine when things would be more stable.

Your location does not matter; you can deactivate your licence from within Maya, and activate it on a new machine anywhere whenever you want.

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thank’s for your time, will looking forward on Ragdoll Dynamics development) and wish you success

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