Edit Constraint Frames Error


Maybe the edit constraint frames usage has changed from how it’s used here:

I’m trying to change the pivot of the distance contraints to the corners of the box. Has the method to achieve this changed?

Here’s a video showing my process up to when I receive this error message:

Error: AssertionError: file C:\Users\User\Documents\maya\modules\Ragdoll-2022_07_20\scripts\ragdoll\commands.py line 1178: Unconnected constraint: rMarker_cuboUnoGeo002

It has changed somewhat yes, but the reason they don’t affect the Distance Constraint is because they only apply to Markers. The Distance Constraint has the attributes Parent Offset XYZ and Child Offset XYZ.

That said, it would make sense to generate similar handles for the distance constraints when calling this command. :thinking:

The other change to the command is that the locators created by this command no longer affect the pivot of the Marker. That is instead controlled by the actual rotate pivot of the assigned Maya control.