Early days baby step learning confusion

I’m currently just trying to get a feel for the flow and interface of things, setting up a bunch of existing characters, but I quite often run into that the rig has a bunch of joints that has more than 1 off joint. say the main spine has spikes on it like this case. I can’t seem to get ragdoll dyn to create collision shapes that connect, it either complains that the joint already has a collision shape or it creates this awkward gap like in the screenshot, where the base is kinematic instead of following the spine, it also falls off if its all dynamic. So I’m clearly doing something wrong but maybe I’m not thinking about this problem correctly?

This is the Maya viewport drawing of joints being a little confusing. Here’s what you are seeing.

And if we change the rendering of that “fork” joint, it can become a little more clear what’s really going on.

Now all of a sudden, there isn’t three branches coming off of that one joint, but one big joint that children connect to. This also better represents how you interact with these joints, as you can’t actually rotate the 3 forks individually like it appears you can.

With this in mind, here’s how to better approach this with Ragdoll capsules or meshes.