Dominoes, recording issues with markers

Hi, I have some dominoes that are simulating well, and play in the viewport, but when it comes to recording the markers so the dynamics gets applied to the high res geo, Maya hangs and I need to force a quit as nothing happens. I am using MASH to set these up. Not sure why it’s not recording.
Using Unlimited.

Updated to 2022_06_29 but still locks up on recording. No progress bar. Happens with geo selected or
un-selected. Running on Maya 2023.1 on Windows 10.

Hey Peter, welcome to the forums! :partying_face:

Hm, sounds like a potential cycle.

Try this.

  1. Switch Maya to DG or Serial modes, and record
  2. Record

If that works, there’s probably a cycle or some sort of multi-threading issue. (Looking at you, MASH!) Sticking with DG or Serial is safe and does not affect the quality of the simulation and should have very little impact on performance unless your dominoes are very CPU hungry.

If that doesn’t work, try:

  1. Ragdoll → Utilities → Extract Simulation
  2. In the options for that menu item, tick the Attach Controls option
  3. Your dominoes should now follow the simulation, you can now use the regular Bake Results command to turn it into keyframes.

Hi Marcus,

Thanks very much! DG mode works. It now is recordable.


I’ve had a closer look at this and found a bug that was happy to be squashed. This will not happen again in the next coming release.

For the techies out there, as it turns out, calling this can introduce a deadlock.

from maya.api import OpenMaya as om, OpenMayaAnim as oma
oma.MAnimControl.setCurrentTime(om.MTime(1, om.MTime.uiUnit()))

Whereas this does not.

from maya import cmds

Presumably, the API call incurs evaluation which cannot begin whilst Python is running due to GIL. Whereas the latter call must be… deferred? Neither of these make sense, but it does happen consistently.

Thanks Marcus, that’s great news.