Disabling drag

So I’m trying to create an inside cabin of a car, that had two dice dangling down.
I’m come to a bit of a situation where I need to disable the drag of the car, which is making the dice pull back. Is there a work around for something like this? Adding a force around it or something.
FYI it’s not a convertible.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice one, hehe.

Yes, disable Air Density on the solver. That’s a global force affecting anything that moves through space and is especially effective at high speeds like this car. Alternatively, leave the car stationary for the solve, record it, and then restore motion onto the car.

Secondly, that chain is likely struggling to keep it together due to the immense pull put onto it by those much larger dices. You will get a more stable (and realistic) result by making the dice and chain of similar mass. You can do that by e.g. setting Density = 0.1 on the dice, or 10 on the chain elements. Or giving them a similar size with a density of 1.

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