Creature chasing

The final look of the shot will be something like this. sharing some rendered images.

Very cool! Would look nice with some shallow depth of field. :slight_smile:

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HI, I am sharing the test render of the follow-up shot. it’s in half HD. I will post the final one in Full HD. also I am going to add sound effects.
Planning to render and comp with " shallow depth of field" for a better look.
I also would like to know about the final submission. How do I need to present the shot? with Ragdoll Dynamic with the rendered one. ?

Looking cool! would be cool if the shot was just a little longer to see the resolve of that tail? tail mouth thing…

As for the final Submission, it’s totally up to you , but cool renders are always cool :slight_smile:


Thanks, Jason, for the nice suggestion I agree if the shot was a bit longer to settle down the tail-mouth part. but my total length of both shots is 10 sec. anyway, I will try to resolve that.

I’m pretty sure you can be longer then 10 seconds :slight_smile:

HI @marcus @Jason,
I would love to do my Submission here for August Competition. I am submitting Ragdoll Dynamic and the Final rendered Animation here.

Due to the size limit of " 8MB " for this forum. These are not super high-quality videos. for that, I am also sharing a link to a cloud drive from which you can download high-quality video files of my submissions.

I will be submitting the same animation to the AGORA Animchallenge forum.
The total length of my animation is 12.9 SEC. I hope it won’t be a problem for the Animchalenge submission. ( I think max 10 sec allowed )

Thank you so much for lots of support and knowledge sharing from both of you. I enjoyed lot working with you and Ragdoll :slight_smile: I hope will continue working with Ragdoll because of its great and very supportive workflow.

Kalpesh Patel


This is looking great!! Love that spear moment

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