Crab-Rig animation help

Hi everybody. I´m new here, learning VFX at the moment and wanted to do a little practice with this cute crab rig. But never used the Ragdoll dynamics before and don´t know, how I can animate the crab now. I learned to do animation with Maya. Can someone help me? What do I have to do to animate this little crab? Thanks for every help :smiley:

Heya @Chaos, welcome to the forums :partying_face:

Great to hear you’re tackling your animation beginnings with Ragdoll, but can you clarify where you would like help to start? Do you know how to use the camera in Maya? Have you animated anything before, just not with Ragdoll? Out of the videos posted about the crab, including live stream, was there any part you tried or did not understand?

I’d say, start here and let us know where you stumble.

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Thanks a lot. I will watch it!
And yes, I did some animations with Maya. So I was searching for some controllers but the crab has no controllers I know. :sweat_smile:
I´m playing around a bit with the solver at the moment. My crab can fly now. lol

The controllers are Joints, make sure they are visible.

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:heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :scream: Oh yeah, cooooooool I can move the legs now. yeeehuuu. Very nice. Haven´t thought about just clicking on the joints. lol My fault… :see_no_evil: Oh I´m so happy now. I can animate a little story now. Thank you so much! It´s always the simple things… shame on me :sweat_smile: