I have some hands holding a stick. I want the left hand to pull the stick and have the right hand be pulled around. What constraints setup should I use ? And how do I turn the constraints on and off?

The Distance Constraint is your friend. You’ll want to edit the Parent Offset and Child Offset attributes, to find the position at which they should connect. You can animate it on/off by animating the Stiffness attribute to 0 and non-0.

On second thought, since it’s a straight line you’re constraining, you might be better off constraining the palm of the hands to each other directly and playing with the stiffness attribute to control how flexible that stick should appear.

Thanks for your help. Two distance constraints on each palm of the hands is working well for gripping things.

Oh yes, very nice! :star_struck: Curious why you’re still seeing the lines after the constraint is animated to 0. Is the value exactly 0, or something very small like 0.001?

You’re right! I set it to 0.01 instead of zero. I can’t remember why I did that. But yes, they completely disappear on 0. Thanks for the tip.

Looks great! love that moment of tension before it slips out of the other hand.