Changing direction with Locomotion

Is there a way to make a character move left, and right? or back and forth?

Yes, after you’ve assigned a plan, assign another plan and set it’s start time to when the first plan ends, e.g. from frame 100.

Then you can move the start target of the second plan to the end target of the first plan, and use the newly added Blend attribute on your controls to transition between the two plans.

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Had a quick go with this, and there is one quirk in this workflow that I’ll try and fix for the next release.

Step 1 - Assign Twice

Notice that I assign when the character is currently at the end position. That way, it will use that current position as the new start target for the new plan.

Step 2 - Blend

So far, our new plan completely overtakes the controls. By turning Blend = 0 we can animate the new plan on/off.

Step 3 - Quick Fix

The problem with step 2 is that it also disables the first plan :sweat_smile:. So, we need to disconnect the first plan from the blend attribute, by finding the first 5 pairBlend nodes - 5 because I had 1 body and 4 feet. In your case, there may be more or less. But for 2 plans, it should be half of them.

Step 4 - Edit Targets

From here, you can edit the end target of the second plan to have the character walk back to where it came from.


Thank you so much, Marcus, this is really helpful