Changes from past IK Tutorials

I’ve been working my way through the three video series on IK retargeting:

In the videos it mentions that we need to turn “Record Translate” on for the knee markers, but when I went to perform that action, the option was already enabled.

I was curious to hear if that’s a new feature or a quirk of my settings.

After doing a little experimentation, it appears that whenever I assign something for retargeting, the bone that’s getting retargeted has the “Record Translation” check box enabled afterward.

Hey @jstrong!

Yes, those videos have gotten somewhat dated now. they were made just as Markers were being invented. And although the attributes remain their effect has gone away. Nowadays, the way to prevent translate or rotate channels from being written to is by locking them.

When a control is assigned, it will tick those boxes automatically if they are unlocked and able to be recorded. I think that’s what you’re seeing.

I’d like to support these checkboxes again, as locking channels isn’t always possible (e.g. they may be locked or referenced) or feasible (they may be hidden). But recording is something I try to avoid experimenting with since it’s so fundamental to getting value out of Ragdoll. For now, ignore those checkboxes altogether.

Ah, excellent, thank you!