Boricuapab's Mini-Toys-verse Crossover

Ok, great. In that case, he’s moving way too fast. You’re likely having to use very high stiffness values to get him to follow, because the momentum of each of his limbs get really high and the come to a stop before changing direction almost immediately.

I would keep stiffnesses between 0-1 and try and find a way to make him walk; that way you’re forced to think about the mass and momentum of the character in a way that makes for a natural walk.

But it should also be noted that getting any character to walk is a huge and daunting task. :sweat_smile: With pins it would be even more challenging, because now he wouldn’t be using the muscles in his own legs to walk, but rather this external force pulling him in various directions.

The pins would be good for a Pinocchio-style walk, maybe that’s what you’re after? For a walk using his own muscles, have a look at this Rhino series.