Assets to my mesh

Hi can i use an asset as a template. i have just made meshes to use as markers with shrink wrap for all my character is there some way of using the assets and linking to my own meshes - its a time consuming

Hi @thosmos, sorry for the delay on this one, holiday is just about to come to an end over here.

Do you mean you have meshes that line up with for example the Manikin asset, and you would like to replace the Manikin meshed with your own meshes? That should be fine, there is no automatic way of doing it but once it is done you can export your work and either load or import it back in to avoid having to do it again.

Hi thanks for getting back to me - I think the reference pipeline does some of what I was thinking about.

I use daz characters quite often - on low budget productions, and thought it would be great to have some way to auto build the meshes for the markers - so I didn’t have to do it for each new character - there’s a great new bridge from daz to maya which makes an IK rig but the skeleton it makes is not really compatible with ragdoll. so maybe just have to build the meshes everytime. thanks